Planning an event?

Life is too short to focus on the things that divide us, when we could instead be sharing & savouring the moments, that bring us all together.  


We want to share the space we have and make Folonomo available for your next event to bring together your tribe.

We have large and small, formal and informal spaces to create events that cater to a private meeting, sit down or cocktail functions.


By donating 100% of our profits back to foster positive change in the world, Folonomo is a way to show your how much you care about giving back, while creating powerful positive impact. Select the charity you feel passionate you to donate profits to - or donate to one of our charity organisations.



7 days | 7:30am - 12pm 
From $35 per person


All day corporate package 

7 days | 7am - 11pm 
From $75 per person


Classroom  | Level 1 

7 days | 7am - 11pm 
Upon on request


Folonomo Surry Hills
Entire venue            80                               Folonomo + Courtyard
Sit down                  45                                Folonomo + Courtyard
Bar                           15                                Gratia
Meeting                   25                               Level 1 | The School of Life

Pure Collective Venue 

Hall                          200                                Event space | 50m from Folonomo
Grounds                  100                                Event Space | 50m from Folonomo
Symbol                    150                                65 Berry Street - North Sydney
Portal                       150                                N01 Martin Place - CBD 

Up to 80 people (Surry Hills)

Up to 20 people (Surry Hills)

Class Room 
Up to 35 people (Surry Hills)

Up to 100 people (Surry Hills)

Up to 150 people (North Sydney) 

Up to 150 people (N01 Martin Place)


What we offer

Event use for business and private functions

Ability to host launches, cocktail functions, birthdays, meetings, presentations or seated events

Locally sourced produce with seasonal menus catering to dietary requirements

Styling, staging, AV, florist, photographers. Extra charges apply

Custom e-invitation for you to send to your guests. Extra charges apply

Individual or multiple areas available for use

AV screens and projectors

Profit for purpose setting

Get in touch! 

FOLONOMO 370 Bourke Street  |  Surry Hills

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